A Love Potion


“You want him to finally realize your value. You want to mean the world to him. Just the two of you and inseparable. Tell me, child, are you sure that’s what you really want?”


“Then, three drops. Mixed with his drink.”


She brought half a box of Dear Darla pizza and some coke and beer and the two of them set up their chairs on the balcony. This was one of their lazy Thursday afternoons right after her classes where they just sat and smoked and talked about work and played some tunes and observed the Roxas boulevard traffic.

The beating of his heart was the first thing to tell him something was wrong. Hectic, painful palpitations produced dull meaty thuds against his chest but quickly, thankfully, these slowed down to their normal rate. And then slowed down some more until he had to check to see if he still had a pulse. He could’ve sworn she was talking to him, asking him what was wrong but he found he just couldn’t recognize any words longer than a couple of syllables. He felt his face and neck grow cold and sweaty. It was suddenly dark or nighttime and he was unable to see any farther than a couple of feet away from where they sat. The light receded and receded some more until it was only her he could see in his tunnel vision. She was resting her chin on the palm of her right hand. Julia had a puzzled frown.

It was still dark when he awoke many hours later, lying on her lap. He gazed up to see the shape of her breasts and the bottom of her chin. He called out her name but she just stayed there still as a statue. He sat and wondered if she could hear him all the way from where he was or if he could possibly find good enough footing to climb up her shirt. Several more times he called out to her but she never did notice him. His mind, still affected by the strange events but trying to cope, found those next few moments an opportune time to grasp the situation. Many, many things had changed.

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